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The 2019 edition 30 Best Bars India with Teacher’s Glasses, was unveiled through an awards ceremony on Wednesday, 23rd October at the Hotel Pullman in New Delhi, attended by nearly 300 people from the bar and alcohol industry. A dozen awards were given out to the best and brightest of the bars, bartenders and industry veterans. The awards was hailed as the first attempt to recognise and celebrate the great work that has gone into creating a world class bar industry in the country.

After taking an understandable break in 2020 because of the pandemic, we hosted the 2021 awards ceremony in March 2022 at a packed ceremony held at Gurgaon’s Le Meridien Hotel. Awards were given out in 14 categories, including for the Best Pandemic Response by a bar.

The 2022 edition of the 30BestBarsIndia ranking will be revealed at an awards ceremony in Gurgaon in January 2023. Awards will be given out in 14 categories this year as well, including a new award for the Best Work in Sustainability. Below are the details about the awards:

Based on Jury Vote

Best Bar
An honor bestowed upon a bar, situated either in a hotel or as an independent establishment, which is helping set new standards when it comes to drinks quality and service, both served up in a great environment. An all-round award which combines the quality and variety of cocktails on offer, the curation of the wines, spirits and beer menu, the quality of the bar team, both front and back of house, and of the bartenders and bar managers, and last but not the least, the design of the bar itself.

Best Independent Bar Award
The best bar situated outside of a hotel which provides outstanding drinks and service in a well-designed environment.

Best Restaurant Bar Award
Acknowledges a great bar in a restaurant which is otherwise known for its cuisine.

Best Bartender Award
Recognizes someone who is setting new standards of excellence when it comes to drink creation and service, who has a thirst for knowledge, the humility to learn and who is helping take her or his bar to the next level.

Best Hotel Bar Award
Acknowledges the best bar situated in a hotel which provides outstanding drinks and service in a comfortable environment.

Best Cocktail Menu Award
Honours the bar that shines through the quality and originality of its cocktail menu, the variety on offer through the year, the ability to recognise and choose new international trends that are appropriate to the Indian context and sets new trends in India.

Best Bar Team Award
Recognises the best bar team in either a hotel or independent bar, including both the bartenders and bar backs as well as front of house staff.

Best Microbrewery or Taproom Award
Judges the best Microbrewery or Tap room for the quality and variety of beer served, the knowledge levels of their staff and the quality of drinks service, all served up in a comfortable and pleasing environment.

Best Bar Design Award
This award recognises excellence in bar design, as we seek to reward and recognise bars which are setting new standards when it comes to the quality of their interiors in relation to their thematic, their back bar display and the layout of their bar.

People’s Choice Awards

Best Bar Award
Your choice for the bar that makes you feel most at home, combining stellar drinks and service.

Best Microbrewery / Taproom Award
Your favourite microbrewery, serving up high quality freshly brewed beer

Organiser Nominated Awards

Best Timeless Bar
A bar which has been in operation for at least the last 30 years, standing the test of time, while continuing to evolve, and being a benchmark for other bars to aspire to, especially when it comes to longevity. The bar could be situated either in a hotel or could be an independent establishment.

Industry Icon
An individual who has played a foundational role in India’s bar industry. She / He, should have established a legacy, and been influential via the quality of the people they have influenced, thereby creating a cascading effect.

Best Work in Sustainability
Recognises a bar that has done the best work in the area of sustainability, including
waste reduction, recycling, water and energy conservation, etc., and has made
sustainability a key part of its daily operation.

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