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Voting Process

30 Best Bars award categories have been carefully curated to ensure that we celebrate the achievements, talent and diversity of India’s bar community.

Judging for these awards is split into three rounds of voting, enabling us to best evaluate the India’s leading bars, microbreweries and taprooms and bartenders.

Step 1

Creation of a long list of more than 500 bars spread over more than a dozen cities in the country, based on the recommendations of 11 jury chairs and 70 bar enthusiasts & experts from across the country

Step 2

Short List of 100 bars based on three criteria, vote each of the bars got in the Long List jury poll, the size of the bar industry in the individual cities, and geographical representation

Step 3

A jury of more than 200 bar enthusiasts, industry experts, connoisseurs and writers will vote for the 30 Best Bars in the country from the 100 bars Short List in 6 categories

For 2 categories, namely Best Bar Team and Best Bartender, a smaller 30 person Technical Jury will vote

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