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The Bar Program at Americano works in tandem with the kitchen, we believe in making complete use of our ingredients which minimizes waste and utilities ingredients to their full potential. One of Americano’s most popular dishes the Corn “Ribs” generates a lot of byproduct. This leftover corn stalk and imperfect kernels find their way into our bar menu in the form of a corn puree that plays a role in the Amaize Balls balancing the sweet and stone fruit notes. Our bar team has been making some very fine amaro (bittersweet liqueur) with the kitchen’s artichoke trimmings, our version of Cynar. It is smooth and balanced with an assertive artichoke flavour. In an effort to respect our ingredients and reduce waste, the team created a unique and delicious product that they are proud to showcase at the restaurant. Pineapple pieces used for our Maui Wowie pizza leave behind byproduct that is transformed into a pineapple cordial which gives the Pico Fizz its signature tropical notes.

The Bar Program at Americano believes in not limiting itself to the available liqueurs and bitters in the market. Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Guiness – Coffee Liqueur are some of the house made liqueurs, all made in-house with slight tweaks which our bar team believes adds to the cocktails which are carefully curated keeping in mind the use of our house made liqueurs all elevating the final drink.

To curate a fun and more involved experience for our guests, we have curated an exciting cocktail menu that features a new slushy machine churning out a Frozen Smoked chili Margarita which can be a great way to begin your meal at Americano to cool down after being out and about in the heat of Mumbai. A menu with illustrations of the glassware used for cocktails making it easier to identify a drink that passes you by making it easier for the guest to communicate with the server that I will have what she is having.Our Non-alcoholic cocktail program is built on the belief that all guests deserve a beverage of the same care and quality, whether or not they choose to imbibe. Highlighting seasonal fruits, fine teas, and house-made infusions, our zero-proof cocktails stray from commercial syrups and sugar-rich soft drinks.

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