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Four Seasons Hotel, Bangalore

Chic and atmospheric, Copitas has an easy sense of style to it. Sophisticated interiors that have an underlying touch of luxury while the funky art lends a touch of whimsy. A slew of cool mixologists and bartenders spin their magic using artisanal ingredients to showcase their craft cocktails. An easy service style brings into the space, an unmistakable Four Seasons element.

With a distinct personality of its own, Copitas is a stylish bar alongside Far & East, a glamorous destination where relaxation and sophistication go hand in hand. Located on the 21st floor of the Hotel, this destination bar has been designed by LW Design, who have notable, contemporary projects to their name.


Copitas opened in early 2020 and in March 2022 was named the #1 Best Hotel Bar 2021, ranking it a firm #3 in the 30 Best Bars India and #44 is Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

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