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Ølterra, which in Greek means “The Land of Beer”.Born last year in the City of Joy, Kolkata .An aesthetically designed Cocktail Bar and brewery.Upon entering you find hand painted Greek mythological art and in here resides the God of Thunder,Zeus,with a 100ft. Long Island Bar where all the creativity takes place. Ølterra primarily opened up by bringing different tweaks on the classic cocktails with a motive to bring a change in the drinking culture of the city.With advancement of time the mixologists decided to take it a notch higher by utilising the various local produce that are very own to Bengal. With our recent launch of our newly designed cocktail menu ,”In search of Bengal…” that highlights different districts of Bengal and their local ingredients. Cocktails that are made in a completely sustainable method which makes it completely edible from drink to garnish.

We still continue the search with our primary focus to uplift Bengal’s abundant variety of local produce . Adding to that the microbrewery will be opening shortly which would have the same focus as ours in their home brews.

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