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Slink & Bardot


These are the fruits of exile, empire and exploration – new tastes, colours and ingredients uncovered: brought back, cherished and embraced. They are the harvest of history and of adventure – in a glass. We encourage you to discover them for yourself, always pursuing the journey rather than the destination. In other wor(l)ds, we are bringing back some of the coolest and most delicious cocktails from various eras created by the Slink & Bardot bar team and Head Mixologist Santosh Kukreti.

Slink & Bardot is a stylish, intimate hideaway. Cocktails here are light and local highlighting seasonal ingredients that are used both in the bar and the kitchen. The cocktail program pays tribute to the untold stories from each era, in a delicious and playful manner using natural sweeteners like honey, agave, natural raw cane sugar and coconut sugar in our cocktails. Assisted by a Hoshizaki machine, a strong clear ice program makes sure that your drinks are at the optimal temperature without diluting your drink. Inspired by Slink & Bardot’s culinary ethos, local and seasonal ingredients are used to create infusions, bitters, shrubs and tonics to create spectacular signature cocktails.

Utilising modern techniques to refine classics, the bar team are able to accelerate ageing processes, in the form of a cask, and within a fraction of the time, extract and infuse these drinks with the same depth of flavour and complexity with a twist. The bar sets out to capture the essence of fruits, herbs, flowers and seeds in every cocktail created and minimal waste is the name of the game; each ingredient is utilised to the nth degree. The team upcycles the peels to redistill them into gins, and turns the pulp into cordial. Drawing heavily from different cultures, the drinks menu is ingredient focused using unusual ingredients like raw turmeric, IPA beer to make a cordial, Japanese green melon and cashew fenny to name a few.

With cocktails on tap and over 100 + classic cocktails including cocktails from various eras, there is something for everyone. Including a selection of Buzz-Free drinks that are made with the same flavour, ingredients and presented the same. Our non-alcoholic cocktails are fresh, exotic and equally as arresting as anything else on the menu, so there’s no fear of missing out.

Whether you’re at Slink & Bardot for a glamorous night out or an intimate meeting with loved ones, or potentially soon to be loved ones, prop yourself at the bar for a refined classic cocktail.


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