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The Living Room by Masque



The Masque bar is built on the belief that high quality ingredients lie at the heart of a strong cocktail programme. Its ever-evolving cocktail menu draws upon the five vital elements in Ayurvedic philosophy for inspiration; in tandem with the restaurant’s ethos, the bar team, helmed by Ankush Gamre, use local produce, handmade garnishes, fresh juices, and in-house syrups to craft cocktails that are thoughtful, balanced, and always inventive. As with the food, new menus are introduced with each seasonal change to incorporate fresh produce and new ingredients. The restaurant’s wine list is both extensive and comprehensive; here, wine is intended to complement the food without being formal or intimidating, but rather more accessible and relaxing.

The Living Room

The Living Room is Masque’s spiffy new space for fuss-free, seriously good cocktails. The ingredient-driven restaurant, currently ranked #21 on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, recently revamped their mezzanine dining area into a plush, unhurried bar space upstairs, serving up stirred cocktails led by beverage manager Ankush Gamre.

The concise, tightly curated menu features cocktails that have been months in the making, rife with local ingredients, a number of which one wouldn’t expect on a drinks menu. Regulars will be pleased to see sea buckthorn and wild thyme from Ladakh make their way onto the menu, in addition to a bevy of Indian spices and fruits. The standout here, though, is technique; cocktails arrive clear, layered in flavours distinct, exceptionally balanced, and unexpected. Sink into an armchair and ask for the Gamble, a smooth pisco-mezcal-guava concoction that demands seconds, or the -196, made with whiskey and stone flower and aptly named for the process of extraction using liquid nitrogen behind it.

While the new drinks menu is only served upstairs, guests are always welcome to head down for a meal; if you’d prefer to just make your way through the cocktails, order from a short menu of snacks and small plates instead.

Masque and The Living Room are open Tuesday-Sunday, 7 pm till closing.

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