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Windmills Craftworks


Windmills was setup in September, 2012, in Bangalore, India, with the idea of creating a space that had an evolved and refined vibe, a space for people of all age groups, families, business groups and individuals alike, a place where you could soak in great Music, Books, Craft Beer and Food.

Windmills was set up with a brewery that can produce upto 6 types of craft beer, with a fine dining experience – serving American food. The walls are lined with books to provide an intellectual/ bookstore feel and has a carefully designed stage for performances, with a green room behind it for the artistes.

Performances include Jazz, Folk, Independent Rock, Latin, Indian, Classical, Indian Folk and other interesting genres. Each artist is personally selected by our founder to ensure an enriching experience for the audience. We believe the music played at Windmills must always have character and soul.

Hand-crafted Beer

Our hand-crafted ales are all about quality, and freshness and are brimming with flavor. We are committed to producing world-class beers with a wide range of flavors, many of which have never been available in India.


We use only the finest malts from traditional producers, Weyermann in Germany and Warminster in England, hops from growers in the USA, Czech Republic and Germany, and yeast from White Labs, San Diego, USA. Our state of the art brew house designed and manufactured at JVNW Inc in Oregon, USA, yields consistent brews batch after batch. It is also a showcase brewery that always beckons the curious customer to come in and take a look.

Flavour & Nutritional Value

We use significantly more hops and malt per litre than industrial brewers. We never use cheap cereal grains or sugars merely to gain more alcohol, or preservatives or foam enhancers. All our beers are unfiltered and as a result have more flavor and nutritional value.


All our beers are naturally carbonated by the fermentation process itself. This makes for a more long lasting fizz, smaller bubbles and creamier head. Our beers go from grain to glass within a few short metres and are always kept at the optimum temperature and turn over rapidly in our busy pub, so they are always fresh.

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