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A cocktail programme celebrating the arts at the all-new Amadeo By Oberoi

August 26, 2023

Priya Pathiyan visits the stylish new restaurant at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre to marvel at how beautifully they distil culture and colour from four different parts of the world into your cocktail glass.


The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) at Mumbai’s BKC has many charming attributes to draw you to it. Among these is the exemplary Amadeo By Oberoi, the first-of-its kind independent restaurant by The Oberoi Group, offering elevated service and food & beverage in its 14,600 square feet space that seats up to 140 guests.


While Executive Chef Kayzad Sadri and his expert team present dishes from four cuisines — Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese — Amadeo By Oberoi boasts a specially curated drinks menu with signature cocktails that are inspired by the world of art that surrounds the restaurant at the NMACC.


Amadeo by Oberoi
Each cocktail looks and tastes like a work of art. Image: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.


The capsule cocktail menu by mixologist Mayur Mogal showcases theatre through the drama of Chinese flavours (Wuxiang and Huang Zhi Xiang), vibrant Indian flavours via paintings (Warli and Kairi) , music and cinema through Italian creations (Stella Colpita and Carola), and the precision of sculpting through Japanese cuisine (Fuji San and Sawayaka).


The world in your cocktail glass at home


Amadeo by Oberoi
The sheer symphony of gin and rosemary in the Stella Colpita. Image: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.


Italian: Stella Colpita
You need: 60 ml gin, 30 ml turmeric and rosemary cordial, 15 ml homemade pomegranate syrup.
You must: Shake and serve cocktail with a gold-dusted rosemary sprig.


Amadeo by Oberoi
Warli art and very Indian flavours. Image: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.

Indian: Warli
You need: 60 ml tequila, 30 ml homemade curry leaf and Kashmiri chilli cordial, dash of coconut water.
You must: Stir and serve cocktail in Warli art-inspired steel tins.


Amadeo by Oberoi
The drama of citrus in the Huang Zhi Xiang. Image: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.


Chinese: Huang Zhi Xiang
You need: 45 ml gin, 15 ml lime juice, 30 ml Chardonnay, 5 ml orange blossom water, dash of orange bitters.
You must: Shake and serve cocktail with a citrus smoke bubble.


Amadeo by Oberoi
Flavours that pop with precision in the carefully constructed Sawayaka. Image: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.


Japanese: Sawayaka
You need: 60 ml Sansho-infused Bourbon, 10 ml lime juice, topped with ginger ale and matcha foam.
You must: Build up the cocktail, serve with a fresh Shiso leaf as garnish.


Amadeo by Oberoi
A fine F&B experience. Images: Courtesy Amadeo by Oberoi.

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