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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Taking 30BB to the Northeast: Guwahati – 3 bars stirring it up

There’s no point in starting a tale with a lie, so let me tell you right at the beginning: travelling to the Northeast isn’t easy. Firstly, non-stop flights to Guwahati are few and far between. Secondly, non-stop or connecting, the rest of the seven sister states of the northeast are primarily accessible via Guwahati. So, …


Bars to Watch: Loya, Taj Palace

Amongst the splendor and magic of the Taj Palace, Loya’s majestic rose gold doorways open into a bouquet of aromas ranging from spice to grills, showing me a sight that left me with just one thought, ‘Is that a waterfall at the end of the bar?’ The rustic and chic interiors are lined with tapestry …


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