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Heineken Silver draught beer brings the perfect pour to Indian bars

December 2, 2023

Priya Pathiyan met Franck Evers, certified Heineken Global Draught Master, to learn the secrets of the brand’s Star Serve.


The Amsterdam-based beer brand that has set its sights on expansion in the Indian market, has launched Heineken Silver draught beer for the first time in India through United Breweries, which is part of the group. The beer is a refreshing, smooth, and easy-to-drink lager with a crisp, subtle finish.


This is a result of being crafted by seasoned master brewers with only natural ingredients, including Heineken’s renowned unique A-yeast and 100 per cent malt in horizontal tanks. Their dedication to perfection is evident at every stage of the brewing process. Quality is paramount, and the longer brewing process as compared to other lager beers, combined with 150 years of craftsmanship, ensures a consistently balanced Heineken beer with an unmatched taste and stability.


Since Heineken wanted to ensure an enhanced drinking experience to discerning consumers, Franck Evers, certified Heineken Global Draught Master, was in India recently to take 400 bartenders from premium pubs in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune through a special training programme that gave them the tools to do so.


Franck Evers demonstrates the right way to pour Heineken Silver draught beer so discerning aficionados can enjoy it chilled, smooth, and with the right amount of protective foam. He was in India to teach the technique to more than 400 bartenders in Maharashtra. Image: Courtesy Heineken Silver.


With a wealth of expertise honed across more than 90 countries, Evers serves as the maestro driving Heineken’s unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate draught beer experience to Indian consumers. “If you just fill a glass with this premium beer, it will taste fine. But if you have a Heineken and follow the five proper steps, you will have a world-class drinking experience. The most important link between the brand and consumer satisfaction is the barkeeper,” avers Evers, as he demonstrates the basic moves of this complex but eminently satisfying dance at a grand event in the Courtyard By Marriott, Mumbai.


The five steps of the pouring ritual help deliver its unparalleled, perfectly balanced taste and freshness to the discerning consumer. This process is as follows…

Rinse: The tall Heineken glass is dunked in a bucket of ice water to chill it.
Pour: Open the tap in a swift motion, pulling the lever firmly. Hold the glass straight under it, close to the tap at first but soon at a distance and at a 45° angle, to allow a certain amount of foam to form.
Skim: Once it’s filled, straighten it and use the specialised Heineken skimmer to ‘cut’ the foam off the top.
Check: The foam should start at the top of the horizontal shoulders of the red Heineken star on the side of the glass.
Serve: The pour is thus chilled to perfection, with the right amount of foam preventing it from tasting bitter, and ready to be served to the discerning customer waiting for the delightful draught.

The innovative practice of skimming the beer, marks a noteworthy ‘innovation’ in draught beer pouring within the Indian market.



Heineken Silver draught on tap with its five-step pouring ritual and a specialised skimming tool will be a game-changer for drinkers of premium beer in India. Images: Priya Pathiyan.


The initial launch will see Heineken Silver Draught Beer exclusively available in premium bars and pubs across Mumbai, Thane, and Pune in Maharashtra, with plans to expand to Karnataka in 2024.


Jacqueline Van Faassen, Head of International Premium Portfolio at Heineken India, spoke about the brand’s expansion plans in India, which is one of its most promising markets. Image: Priya Pathiyan.


Jacqueline Van Faassen, Head of International Premium Portfolio at Heineken India, says, “The introduction of Heineken Silver Draught Beer in India marks a significant expansion of our product portfolio, offering consumers a unique and refreshing world-class drinking experience deeply rooted in Heineken’s brewing legacy and expertise.”


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