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New concept: Step into Woobar’s ‘Cocktail Parlour’ and feel the liquid love

August 8, 2023

Forget degustation menus, the latest craze is a cocktail tasting menu. The Woobar at the W Goa has come up with a four-course extravaganza. The 30 BB team reports.


Who said a Goa vacay only had to be about cheap beer and feni? The high rollers are looking for more evolved journeys with alcohol. Which is why the W Goa has come up with a unique Cocktail Parlour where you can sign up for a four-course cocktail tasting menu. If you bring the inclination, they have the inspiration.


Woobar cocktail parlour
The Woobar is delightful in the day too. Image: Courtesy W Goa.


Each of their four thoughtfully curated cocktails is a masterpiece in its own right, they say, blending the finest ingredients with a touch of artistry to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience.


Woobar cocktail parlour
The stylish Woobar beckons at dusk. Image: Courtesy W Goa.


Your adventure starts with a Suleimani Highball. With a distinct Middle eastern touch, it infuses whiskey, Suleimani tea, ginger juice, and ginger ale. Next up is a very Tropical Daiquiri. Goa and the Caribbean have always been kindred spirits, so this glass of liquid sunshine, is crafted with rum, orange-star anise marmalade, and lime. The Melon & Basil Smash that follows is a refreshingly sweet and herbal G&T. Unlike a meal that lulls you into la-la-land with a rich dessert, the showstopper of this tasting menu is the Jalapeño Sipper, a crystal-clear elixir featuring vodka, jalapeno, lime, honey, and soda. Certain to add a zing to your tongue that stays with you until the night ends.


Woobar cocktail parlour
The Cocktail Parlour is all about taste and innovation. From l to r, the Suleimani Highball, Tropical Daiquiri, Melon & Basil Smash, and the Jalapeño Sipper. Images: Courtesy W Goa.


Available: Daily, from noon onwards | Price: Rs 2,000 + taxes per person | Address: Sylvia, W Goa, 515, Vagator Beach Rd, Vagator, Goa | Instagram: Woobar Goa | Contact: +918326718888.


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