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Survival Stories 3

March 12, 2021

Today, Rakshay Dhariwal, Founder PCO, New Delhi

  1. How did PCO endure through the lockdown?

The lockdown was a time that forced us, and everyone else in our industry, to re-strategize our businesses,  and think hard about how to be more resilient in the future. We were certain that things would improve eventually; we just had to get through the no-business and the slow-business phases that we expect till March ’21. We are fortunate to have supportive partners in our vendors and landlords and together we managed to chart a way forward.

We are also introducing a less vulnerable business in  our portfolio, a range of spirits under a new company Pass Code Spirits Co.

2) How long do you think before things get back to normal?

We do not expect things to get back to any semblance of normalcy till April ’21. Though we are open currently, few of our regular patrons have started coming as of now; people are still being careful.

3) What is your strategy going forward?

In the short term, we have implemented strict protocols to ensure the safety of our guests. The expected, deep sanitisation measures with masks and temperature checks, we are also going one step ahead by minimising  the number of people interacting with the guests. We have  also cocktails aged in terracotta glasses. Negroni, Hanky-Panky and a Martini are aged for 2 weeks and drunk from the same terracotta cups. This makes the drink safer as no one has touched it for two  weeks and is also incredibly delicious.

For  the longer term, we are re-engineering our cocktail story by adding a cocktail lab and focusing on innovative R&D. We have to  keep innovating.

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